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a work-in-progress WITCH GAME where you and your black cat traverse randomly generated places looking for mushrooms to take home...

(this is an evil, probably impossible cute-em-up, walking/flying/bouncing shooty collectathon game.. i gave myself the deadline of HALLOWEEN to make something, a personal 1-month jam.  it started out as a reskin/hack of my other game Wobbegong Land but soon became its own thing.. lots of wobbegong DNA is still apparent but this is much further along. turns out even self-imposed deadlines are great for gettin' stuff done!

don't think too hard about it.. what's here is whatever i thought of and put in. sometimes as a joke. some things are only half implemented, some i ran out of time for - it currently has no ending, though you can progress up to just before what was going to be the end...

and .. it's rather b̶u̶g̶g̶y̶   ğ̶̨̱͖l̶̨̬̤̖̃͑͠i̸̧̦͋̓̄̚t̵̗̽̅̾̄c̶̛̖̔ḥ̴̼͔͠y̸͉̏̉͝   haunted (i think there's a crash bug somewhere, but don't worry! your progress is auto saved) and i ran out of time for sound fx so those are a bit half baked as yet.  keyboard controls only at the moment - z+x+cursors, play around and see what happens..) 


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POTiON_win64_v2.zip 10 MB
POTION_linux_v2b.zip 9 MB


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Are you planning on doing a mac release for this?  Or will the linux version work on a mac?  Looks really awesome!


hey, ta! sorry, no plans for a mac version - my mac broke. the windows build runs well in WINE on linux, is there WINE for mac? 

how to run the game on linux?

after unzipping it, you should have a "potion" folder containing a "res" folder and two executables.. run one of those (potion_w for windowed mode, potion_fs for fullscreen) in the same way you usually run stuff - double click from a GUI file manager window, or type ". /potion_w" etc from commandline..  or is it that you're doing that and it's not working? i now have he sneaking suspicion i've forgotten to do something it needs for max compatibility.. will check later.. 

trying to run potion_fs or potion_w gives error:"there is no application installed for "shared library" files. Do you want to search for an application to open this file?" , clicking yes redirects to an error message in the software center (where to install stuff via gui). the software center then says " Unfortunately, the application/x-sharedlib file format you were searching for could not be found. Please check out <a href="https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/">this website</a> for more information.
What did you forget to include? sounds like a panacea to compatibility issues :D

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aha! looks like the problem is because (at least some flavours of?) linux don't like running executables directly from a GUI/file explorer window - you're meant to have a special .desktop metadata file, or a shell script.. i've updated it (grab POTION_linux_v2b.zip) with some shell scripts in there ("run_windowed", "run_fullscreen") which simply load the executable - hopefully these will make it work! seems to do the trick here. sorry about that, i just run things from commandline so didn't notice this was a thing.. please let me know if you try it and still no luck.

(the thing i thought i might've forgotten was to link it to the included copy of the GLEW lib - had this problem in the past, not all linux distros have this lib in their repos apparently. but nah, i'd remembered it this time, phew)

Thanks for the hot_fix. the version b works great. I can now run it via terminal without issues. Both windowed and fullscreen versions work great. Good job!


omg this looks HOT