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wont launch keeps crashing

any details? windows or linux version? any error message? etc

There were no details it was just not responding and im on windows

hmm i just tried it again on windows 10 and yep, it doesn't work any more :(  windows must've changed something in an update that broke it somehow....

yeah im on windows 11 and i got it to kind of work but it crashes alot but its a cool program


thanks :) that's cool, glad you got it at least sort of of working... i'll try to fix it some time!


super cool, is there a place like a subreddit to share our designs?


hey thanks!! glad you like it :) there isn't anywhere specific to share your creations..the idea of making such a place hadn't occurred to me.. good idea though!

Very nice toy, this kind on thing we could spend some hours ^^

Maybe this could help you ERYNGI for retweet w/hashtag autolike a tweet:

It was one of my best discovery this night <3

you are the shit man