A downloadable art toy for Windows and Linux

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this is an interactive generative art toy
in 32 colours

by careful application of your computer keyboard
you can help it grow some lovely squiggles

everything is made of living, coloured threads
they are strangely interconnected

===OoBaCuLi Fibrous Being====

mainly inspired by the works of Andi McClure, Michael Brough and Loren Schmidt, childhood memories of playing with Fractint for 777 hours, and the missile trails in Bangai-O Spirits when it draws so many pixels your DS grinds to a halt <3

there are lots of keys that do stuff
holding shift sometimes modifies their function
some are undocumented as yet.. try things and see..

the ones you need to know to begin are 'a' or 1-8 to create some threads, and space to start/stop the simulation.

other useful keys: F1 toggles fullscreen. F2/F3/F4 changes window size. ESC toggles the on-screen display. 's' saves a screenshot to the ./saved directory. ENTER randomly changes palette and colour cycling. 'r' resets the program back to nothingness. it's very easy to make a mess, but once you start to see what the different things are and how they interact it gets kinda interesting... oh yeah, 'z' is for fastforward - it can take a very long time for OoBaCuLi to build up a big picture :) 


the source code is included
it's written in C++ and OpenGL
with a little bit of SDL2

some of it is unused or unfinished...
it's portable and fast
(tho some things are probably inefficient or silly)

a couple things it does which might be of interest:
- a little custom multiwindow tilemap/GUI system which can do cool stuff like scrolling infinitely looping maps - loosely based on the way NES/GBA/DS tile hardware works - and contain sprites within a window etc...
- oldskool style paletted colour system using shaders - can easily swap palettes / do colour cycling on the fly. this program uses thirty two 32 colour palettes (edit ./res/palette.png to make your own)..

the code is probably not very beginner friendly.. use MSYS2 to build on windows.. requires libsdl2. i'll write instructions later but hit me up if you have any questions or can't get it working!

((license thingo!? the source code is provided as-is. feel free to do whatever you want with it. except you're not allowed to just take this program (ie mostly the bits contained in magic.cpp) and release it yourself or sell it.. make your own thing it'll be fun!))


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It was one of my best discovery this night <3


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