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Mazes and monsters  and mushrooms and flowers  and witches and potions and eyeballs and tombstones  and turners and dashers  and grinders and slimers  and bombs  and bombs  and bombs  Plagued with the curse  of autofire you roam  the ways of Forget-Me-Not foreverin search of a cure  for your beloved  Please wake up...

(This is an arcade game for 1 or 2 players. An enhanced version of my 2011 Forget-Me-Not. Also available as part of the 2017 Fantastic Arcade Bundle, thanks to Juegos Rancheros crew!)

*** UPDATE 8/4/18 - version 3 *** 
added a free/demo build called POND SKUM MODE
a standalone FMN variant
one regenerating maze which keeps leveling up
good for a quick blast!
worth grabbing even if you have the full game

also updated the full version:  lots of minor look & feel tweaks, a couple different colour modes, bolt power level no longer resets upon death, some other little things for now...


*** controls are:
RED PLAYER: fire = 1, movement = wasd
BLUE PLAYER: fire = /, movement = arrows
(fire buttons are only needed to join a game and to enter your name)

press o at any time for the options menu 
    (where you can switch to fullscreen mode - requires a quit & reload).

press p to pause.
press esc to reset game / toggle highscore screen
hold f1 to see version and FPS info
hit f2 to cycle colour modes (normal, monochrome, ergot poisoning mode)
to quit: alt-f4, cmd-q, or whatever your OS's usual quit key combo is

*** how to play:
slide around randomly generated mazes, pick the flowers. grab the key.
firing is automatic and incessant.
the edges of the maze wrap around. everything loops.
grind against the walls! (sparks will fly)
this'll heat you up, speed you up, let you just bash through most monsters.
(making them drop a bunch of trinkets, which are worth something or other, 
especially if you pick them up in quick succession)

if you overheat you'll instantly explode.. s'good to chill sometimes..
once you've picked enough flowers, a door will appear.
drag the key to the door to enter a new level.
that big golden key also makes a handy bullet shield. 

how to score real big? pick flowers in unbroken chains.
each flower is worth 1 point. this doubles for every successive flower in a chain.

thanks for playing!!

*** joytokey notes:
if you're using joytokey and the arrow keys aren't working with it, this might help:
go to joytokey's options tab, set keyboard emulation mode to "alternative 2 (scancode base)". 

Published Feb 15, 2018
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
TagsArcade, chaos, Cute, evil, labyrinth


Buy Now$7.00 AUD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7 AUD. You will get access to the following files:

ForgetMeNot-R_linux_v3.zip 3 MB
ForgetMeNot-R_win64_v3.zip 4 MB
ForgetMeNot-R_mac_v3.zip 4 MB

Download demo

PONDSKUM_linux_v3.zip 3 MB
PONDSKUM_win64_v3.zip 4 MB
PONDSKUM_mac_v3.zip 4 MB

Development log


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Any chance of seeing this on steam?

Oh it seems like some problem with Russian keyboard. Key "/" is some other key that make game crazy. We somehow repaired it but then break again.

Hello. We've just tried PONDSCUM demo and we're not sure that the game runs fine. It's too fast and it's hard to understand there you are.

can you please try holding F1 - this will print the FPS in the lower left corner - it should be 60. i've been told the game does run at double speed on some high frequency monitors! (though pondskum mode IS quite confusing and hard to see where you are in :)) 

We've checked it. It was something like 160.

ah.. whoops! sorry.. i will try to make it run at a locked 60 on all systems in a future update. for now i'm not sure if there's anything to do about it.. 


I don't know what I played (POND SKUM MODE), but wow, it sure has fun!

Is there an install FAQ that covers libraries? I'm new to itch -- just for FGMR!

Ubuntu 16.04.4 64-bit:

[...] error while loading shared libraries: libSDL2-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory [...] amd64 libraries are missing

hey croci.. sorry my linux build might be more hassley than it could be. still working out best practises for releasing linux stuff. i think all you need to install is SDL2. far as I can tell this should do it: 

in a terminal window, run: 

sudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0

(or if you use a GUI package manager just search it for SDL2). pretty sure that'll be all you need but i'm on my phone rn, can't check. lemme know if it still won't work. thanks :) also good idea, i'll add a linux install note.. 

BTW - are you planning Steam/GOG release?

nah.. i know those are popular but i don't really know much about them and i'm happy with just itch :) 

Great game. If you want someone to do this for you, we'll fund and do it. Get in touch if you are interested. You'll definitely make some sales. Again, solid game that deserves more exposure.

oh hey! thanks! glad you like it. and thanks for the offer...i reckon i'll just keep slowly working on it until i consider it 100% awesome and then might look into a wider release... for now it would just give me too much stress haha.. i'll get back to you if i change my mind =)

Okay thanks for the response.

I have one question - is it possible to reach the end of the game or it has only infinite mode?

only infinite for now.. though i'm planning on improving/extending the level-arc, and giving it something like an ending, eventually

Or that would be great. I'd prefer some ending like in Spelunky even if it would be hard as hell to get to it.

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Hi there! I tried running this on my laptop with ElementaryOS 0.4.1 (based on Ubuntu 16.04), and got a crash on start. Itch.io tech support reached out to me and told me this:

Looking at the logs, libGLEW.so.2.1 missing, and I don't think GLEW 2.1 is packaged by Ubuntu ( I wasn't able to find it).

I'd reach out to eryngi and let them know about this page: https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/platforms/linux.html - it explains how to ship the libraries you actually rely on with the game, rather than expecting them to be installed on the player's system.

Dunno how easy this would be to change for the Linux build, just passing on the info in case it helps. Thanks!

(2 edits)

thanks JP! (and Itch tech support! wow that's really good.) whoops, sorry bout that..i'll add a build with glew included soon =)