build 3 + pondskum

hey! i started working on forget-me-not again. i've uploaded a free little forget-me-not variant... pondskum mode! a single, regenerating maze, which keeps leveling up. it gets real scary, real quick. i never last more than a couple minutes. figured it'd be good as a FMN demo.. it's worth downloading even if you've bought the full thing - this mode IS accessible from the main game but in a hard to reach way (for the moment).. with this standalone thing you can jump right in the deep end...

also updated the main game builds to the current version. it's a small update - mainly just lots of little look & feel tweaks. i also made it so your bolt power level doesn't reset upon death, so you can keep powering up and up over a whole run. can't remember what else i've done.... i have a lot of plans for this... >:o)

 oh yeah and you can switch between different colour modes now by pressing F2: normal, monochrome, or ergot poisoning style. 

thx! <3 b.

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